Why I Am Running For City Board

I’m running for the Siloam Springs Board of Directors At-Large Position 5 because I love our beautiful hometown, and I want to make sure we hand a vibrant city to our children and grandchildren. Siloam Springs is a great place to discover the wonders of life, to work hard and play hard, and to enjoy the blessings God has given us in our family and friends.

Siloam Springs combines the best of traditional American values with forward-thinking, progressive quality-of-life initiatives to make this one of the best small towns in the country. Let’s preserve the great things and continue the work to make our community even better.


Four Priorities

If elected, I will work with the other board members and our city administrator to advance four priorities: economic development, quality-of-life improvement, cost-effective governance and limited government.


One critical pillar of a strong community is an abundance of good, secure jobs. Good jobs mean economic freedom and strong families, which leads to good citizens, creating social dividends. The absence of jobs leads to economic depression, desperation, crime and community atrophy. Siloam Springs should continue to promote economic development policies that drive job growth and opportunities for the working men and women who provide for our families.


Strong churches, good schools, vibrant marketplaces, beautiful parks and other community amenities have vastly improved the quality of life in Siloam Springs, especially in the last decade. The City needs to continue to support the ongoing quality-of-life initiatives in Siloam Springs, and keep expanding its base of partners and allies in the business, non-profit, education and faith-based communities.


The taxpayers of Siloam Springs expect their board members to make sure that our money is spent wisely and not wasted on redundancies, ill-conceived projects or bloated bureaucracy. I will work with the city administrator to make sure continuing budget expenditures are challenged and stand up to scrutiny of appropriate, thorough review. It’s okay to ask hard questions, with civility, about how the city is spending its citizen’s money — in fact, I believe that is one of the most important jobs of the board.


Government has an important role in our society, even at the city level, but government must be sharply focused. Limited government is necessary for continued prosperity, and unnecessary government stifles economic development, imposes on the liberty that is the foundation of our quality of life, and by definition is wasteful. We must be very careful at all levels of government to not pass laws that needlessly restrict individual freedoms. “Every unnecessary law helps fashion the noose we will ultimately be hung by.”  ― A.E. Samaan


Siloam is my home.

I am a Christian, husband, father and writer by trade, with degrees in journalism from John Brown University (B.S.) and the University of Arkansas (M.A.). I have been employed the last seven years as an administrator at JBU, where I currently serve as Chief Communications Officer. I attend Sager Creek Community Church, where I occasionally teach children’s church and my wife, Cherissa, sings on the worship team. Cherissa and I have four children, Max, Maggie, Xander and Millie, three of which were born in Siloam Springs.

Finally, in this time of political divisiveness, I pledge to serve with upmost civility. This means I assume best intentions of those who have ideas I may disagree with, and challenge those ideas in a respectful manner, with courtesy and humility.

Thanks for your support and vote this November. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at lucas@roebuckmedia.com or give me a call on my cell phone at 479-427-2492. 




Please consider supporting my campaign financially. A credit of up to $50.00 per taxpayer ($100.00 for a joint return) is allowed against your Arkansas Individual Income Tax liability for cash contributions made by the taxpayer(s) to a candidate seeking nomination or election to a public office.